Gleeson Recruitment launches MIM Talent Workshop

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As a proud supporter of Midlands industry via the Made in the Midlands platform, we have actively developed a service offering to benefit all MIM members.

The result is a free-of-charge, one-hour workshop, during which we will help you understand your talent brand and review/improve your processes for recruitment, on-boarding & retention.

Whether you are a SME manufacturer that has never considered the positive impact that a people & talent strategy could have on your business, or a larger organisation interested in a benchmarking exercise, we can help you improve the way you attract & retain people.

Typical symptoms you might be experiencing are:

  • ·  You’re finding it difficult to attract and hire the right people
  • ·  Your staff turnover is higher than you’d like
  • ·  You’d like to increase diversity within your workforce
  • ·  You’re unclear how to run a succession planning programme

Or… you simply don’t believe that a talent strategy will add value to your business!

Paul Strachan, Operations Director of Gleeson Engineering & Manufacturing, is a huge advocate of the importance of the manufacturing industry to our region, and is super excited by the opportunity to offer something back to industry via Made in the Midlands.

Please give Paul a call on 07725-844784 or email [email protected] to arrange your Talent Workshop.

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