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Gleeson recruitment group's Cayven Valentine tells us why employing digital is important and how the sector can benefit from having a digital team. 

Gleeson are a patron of Made in the Midlands and pride themselves on their trustworthiness, transparency, and integrity. They obtain talented and experienced staff who embody the same values around customer service. Gleeson recruitment group’s services cover recruiting for Accountancy & Finance, Built Environment, Engineering & Manufacturing, Human Resources, IT, Marketing, Office Support, Procurement & Supply Chain, Transformation and Executive Search, as well as offering a range of HR services such as psychometric testing and profiling and outplacement provision. 

Cayven Valentine is a Business Partner of Gleeson and regularly recruits Digital roles for companies including within the manufacturing sector. Cayven has been recruiting for the Digital Marketing industry for the past fifteen years, working across B2B, business to business marketing and B2C, business to consumer. He said: 

“I’ve recruited my own marketing, digital and creative teams so have unique first-hand experience in helping organisations recruit digital talent.” 

Digital roles can range from PPC, Paid Media, SEO, Content Marketing, to Ecommerce roles, Analysts and Performance Management to Heads of Digital and Performance. Cayven mentioned he has seen a shift in the last ten years where all sectors are seeing first hand the implications of not having an effective digital strategy, he added: 

“Innovation and a clear value proposition alongside a customer-centric approach are more important than ever today. Companies are facing disruption by more agile businesses taking slices off their bottom line - which we’re seeing every day with the collapse of organisations that just haven’t acknowledged these factors. And more will follow.” 

This has been most noticeable within the manufacturing sector, within the last ten years, as there is more of a demand now to recruit for digital for companies to thrive and not just survive. According to a 2016 survey carried out by the Content Marketing Institute, 82% of manufacturing marketers do in fact, use content marketing, Cayven said: 

“This is encouraging to hear.” 

You may argue that we are already in the digital age, however, we asked Cayven how the manufacturing sector will benefit from having a digital or marketing team as we move further into the digital age. He said: 

“The manufacturing sector shouldn't see themselves as different from any other sector. And companies shouldn't look at Digital Marketing in a silo - Digital should be working alongside all other channels, be it events, outdoor advertising or print. But it definitely can’t be ignored. ‘Our customers aren't online’ Is a phrase I heard many times. I don't hear that as much these days.”

In terms of employment for digital roles in the manufacturing sector, Cayven advises companies to set goals and objectives, he said: 

“I think that speaking to someone like myself who has helped the sector with successful digital and content campaigns and to talk through the strategy of what that could look like - and then start with goals and objectives and work back from there to identify the resources that would add value to the business.” 


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